4 Reasons To Buy The Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz has always been one of the best small hatchbacks on the market. The impressive combination of performance, spacious interior and reliability has made it a tough car to beat at its price point. With the last model seeing so much success, the new Honda Jazz has a lot to live up to. The 2021 Honda Jazz has been redesigned, along with several other new Honda cars, to feature an exciting new hybrid engine. A number of other features that made the old Honda Jazz such a great hatchback has been enhanced to create a truly remarkable package. Read on to discover some of the benefits of a hybrid car and why you should consider the Honda Jazz as your next purchase.

Amazing tech!

Technology is a part of our day to day lives. In 2021 it is important to have a car that integrates seamlessly with our devices. The Honda Jazz has plenty of technology to keep you connected on the road. The Honda Jazz comes with a 9” touch screen in the centre of the dashboard that allows you to check messages, follow directions and play music. All new Honda cars with a built-in touch screen now support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. The Honda voice assistant is activated by saying “OK Honda” and can set directions, check the weather or reply to text messages for you. The My Honda+ app means that drivers can unlock the car and set directions all on their mobile phones.

Comfort and space

The Honda Jazz has always been renowned for its spacious interior and versatile seating. The new Honda Jazz features ‘Magic Seats’ which can tip up to provide vertical storage space. Alternatively, they can fold flat, creating an impressive amount of luggage capacity for such a small car. The front seats have also been redesigned for improved comfort. Quality materials and thicker cushions make driving in the Honda Jazz an even better experience. A new addition to the 2021 Honda Jazz is the panoramic windscreen. The pillar design on either side of the windscreen improves peripheral vision, creating a truly immersive driving experience.

Hybrid engine

The Honda Jazz is the latest new Honda car to feature the e:HEV hybrid technology. There are many benefits of hybrid cars. Most importantly the new Honda Jazz will give you high performance but with low fuel emissions. The combination of an electric motor and a traditional petrol motor creates an energy-efficient engine that is kinder to the environment. Both the Honda Jazz Hybrid and Crosstar models have a huge 500-mile range.

Safety features

The Honda Jazz features cutting edge Honda sensing technology to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Lane sensing helps keep you in the middle of the lane on long motorway drives and alerts the driver if the car begins to drift. Adaptive cruise control keeps the Honda Jazz a safe distance from the car in front and can initiate emergency braking if someone comes to a sudden stop. The Honda Jazz sensing technology will also recognise if there is a car approaching a blind spot and will alert the driver when changing lanes.

The Honda Jazz Hybrid and Crosstar are available from your local Horizon Honda dealership. To get more information about the Honda Jazz or any other new Honda cars then visit your local Horizon Honda dealership in Christchurch, Poole, Yeovil, or Dorchester.