With the latest arrival of the Honda Jazz and Jazz Crosstar, Honda is getting closer to our goal of achieving 100% of European sales electrified by 2022.

What are hybrid cars?

Hybrid cars use petrol and an electric motor for power. The two engines can work together or separately, as well as working seamlessly together. There are two main types of hybrid cars to consider:

  • Standard hybrid cars
  • Plug-in Hybrids

A hybrid car gets energy from a petrol engine and an electric motor. The two work in unison to power the car efficiently and improve your car’s mileage. With a standard hybrid car, the engine also uses the fuel to help recharge the batteries that power the electric motor.

Honda hybrid cars, such as the Honda CR-V hybrid use i-MMD (Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) – an advanced hybrid system which combines a petrol engine, two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery. The car automatically selects and changes between the three driving modes to provide optimum performance and efficiency.

A plug-in hybrid, also known as a PHEV also uses a petrol engine and electric motor but primarily runs on the electric motor.

Honda’s hybrid cars enable you to experience the joy of driving while helping to create a cleaner environment with efficient hybrid technology.Find out more about hybrid cars and read our list of the top five benefits of choosing a hybrid car:


The Honda i-MMD Hybrid powertrain delivers torque immediately from the moment you accelerate. With a responsive Honda hybrid, you can pull away from junctions and traffic lights with ease. Hybrid cars give you the best of both worlds and will automatically switch between electric power and petrol power depending on your cruising speed.

2.Excellent economy

The Honda Jazz Hybrid and Crosstar transition seamlessly between electric power and petrol power, depending on which is more efficient. The intelligent technology such as the fixed-gear transmission helps to cut fuel bills and save drivers money. And by spending less money on fuel, you will also be using fewer emissions for a cleaner, greener drive.

3.Lower fuel emissions

Looking for an eco-friendly car? One of the main advantages of driving a Honda hybrid is that they are more environmentally friendly than conventional cars. With an electric engine there to take off the strain, the petrol engine doesn’t need to work as hard, resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

4.Smooth and quiet

Honda hybrids transition between the electric motor and petrol engine for a calm and quiet driving experience. When the car is in EV Drive mode you won’t hear a thing and with such a smooth transition, you will wonder when the petrol engine kicked in.


The new Honda Jazz and Crosstar hybrid models feature the latest e:HEV technology which selects from three interchangeable drive modes:

  • EV Drive
    The electric drive mode relies on 100% on smooth, silent electric power. This mode is usually used when accelerating from standstill or during low speed cruising.

  • Hybrid Drive
    Hybrid Drive combines petrol engine and electric motor for optimal power and economy, ideal for when you are accelerating or overtaking.

  • Engine Drive
    Engine Drive occurs during sustained, higher-speed cruising when the petrol engine is at its most efficient powering the car.

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