All New Honda HR-V: Everything You Need To Know ​


Honda’s hybrid electric car technology delivers the smoothest driving experience through a highly responsive performance. The HR-V 2021 comprises two powerful electric motors connected to a 1.5-litre petrol engine to provide superior torque. With three interchangeable drive modes, your new Honda HR-V will drive in electric mode for efficiency, hybrid mode for when the engine is under high-torque demand, and petrol for driving at higher constant speeds. This model provides a variety of peak driving experiences that can be adjusted to suit the driver’s preference.


The Honda HR-V 2021 has an interior design that maximises spaciousness and connects the passengers to the outside. The design of the H-RV 2021 was based around space and light to craft a sense of airiness in the cabin, which is amplified by an ‘Air Diffusion System’ to maintain freshness and a comfortable environment.

New Honda cars offer next-generation body stabilising front seats which support the passengers during long journeys and provide comfort in everyday use. With greater leg room and shoulder space, the Honda HR-V is comfortable and roomy, and this is due to the clever packaging of its hybrid components. The packaging design of this vehicle also allows for versatile loading space for any cargo, with fold flat or flip-up seat flexibility.


Even with all these advantageous features, the Honda HR-V does not compromise on style. As with other models, the design of the HR-V embodies Honda’s clean and modern brand, with smooth lines and a sleek silhouette. This desirable and practical car model has a confident SUV stature, but with a familiar feel. The exterior design features of the 2021 HR-V blend seamlessly into the body shape of the vehicle, with the headlights, body-coloured grille, and distinctive lower mesh grille incorporated into the forward-protruding nose shape. This gives this impressive new Honda car a sculpted, bold appearance.


Equipped with Honda SENSING™ and a comprehensive range of advanced safety technologies, the 2021 HR-V leads the way in motoring safety. Firstly, the new Honda HR-V boasts a new higher-definition monocular front camera. It also has a Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS) to detect oncoming vehicles crossing the path of the car, including cyclists and motorcycles, and apply the brakes. The advanced Cross Traffic Monitor uses rear side radar sensors to warn the driver of approaching vehicles form the side when reversing. Available for the first time in Europe on the HR-V 2021, the Hill Descent Control technology enables greater and smoother control on low-grip surfaces and steep descents. All these features ensure maximum safety for the driver of the HR-V 2021 model.

New Honda HR-V 2021 Launch Evenings

To celebrate the release of the new Honda HR-V 2021, Horizon Honda is holding a launch evenings. Join us on the following dates:

  • Yeovil 18th September
  • Christchurch 22nd September
  • Poole 23rd September
  • Dorchester 24th September

Feeling excited about the prospect of getting your hands on the new Honda HR-V? Register your interest or pre-order the HR-V 2021 via our contact form today, or visit your local Horizon Honda dealership in Christchurch, Poole, Yeovil, or Dorchester to browse the range of new Honda cars.