Everything You Need To Know About Honda e:HEV Hybrid Technology

At each of our Horizon Honda dealerships, the all-new Honda HR-V is now available to buy and test drive. This exciting new model has been completely redesigned with a range of state of the art features. The new Honda HR-V Hybrid is particularly impressive thanks to the new e:HEV technology. Honda has always been at the forefront of cutting edge technological advancements, and this technology is another remarkable development.

The e:HEV technology is the most recent iteration in Honda’s commitment to creating high-quality hybrid vehicles. We know there are many benefits of hybrid cars, but how does the e:HEV hybrid technology achieve such impressive results? Read on to find out more.

An Engine With The Perfect Combination

The e:HEV engine featured on the new Honda HR-V varies slightly depending on specification, but the basic setup is the same across all models. The petrol engine works in conjunction with two compact and powerful electric motors. These two electric motors and the petrol engine are then connected to a long-lasting battery and fixed-gear transition. This efficient hybrid system has been carefully optimised after years of development in Formula 1.

One of the benefits of hybrid cars is that they have multiple driving modes depending on your preference and requirements. The Honda e:HEV engine in the Honda HRV can adjust the engine mode depending on what the driver requires. For greater fuel efficiency, the electric engine can operate independently. In hybrid mode, both are active for maximum power. In this mode, the petrol engine will actually re-charge the batteries.

Which models feature e:HEV technology?

The Honda HR-V is the latest new Honda vehicle to come with all the benefits of hybrid cars. The e:HEV technology featured in the new Honda HR-V is also available in a number of other models. Other SUVs in the Honda range including the Honda CR-V now come as standard with the e:HEV hybrid technology. One of the most popular Honda models, the Honda Jazz, hit the market last year with a hybrid model that has a compact hybrid engine design.

The Environmental Impact

The benefits of hybrid cars for the environment are clear. Burning less petrol and diesel mean there is less CO2 going into the atmosphere. The e:HEV technology featured in the new Honda HR-V, Honda CR-V and Honda Jazz is designed specifically for maximum efficiency. When in hybrid mode, the electric motors charge by using excess energy from the petrol motor. The development of Honda hybrid engines also gives a greater understanding of electric motors and how best to maximise their potential. New models like the Honda e are the result of years of research into hybrid and electric motors.

Improved Fuel efficiency

Another great benefit of hybrid cars is fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency in hybrid engines like the e:HEV is unparalleled. The Honda HR-V is capable of a 460 mile journey on one tank of fuel. The combination of the petrol engine and battery powered motor working together means that you can go further while filling up less.

If you are looking to upgrade to a hybrid car in 2022, the Honda HR-Vhybridis the perfect new Honda car. Browse the full range at one of our Honda dealerships or online. If you need advice then speak to one of our expert team at our Honda dealerships in Christchurch, Poole, Yeovil, or Dorchester. Get in touch today with us today for more information.