Is Your Car Equipped for Colder Months? How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Is Your Car Equipped for Colder Months? How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

The temperature has dropped and the de-icer is out! Find out how you can get your car ready for winter.

Keep your windscreen clear

Before you set off on your journey, ensure your windscreen is clear of fog and ice. Driving off with an icy windscreen is tempting if you’re in a rush but driving without a clear view of the road ahead is against the law. Rule 229 of the highway code states that drivers must:

  • Clear all snow and ice from all windows.
  • Make sure mirrors are clear and windows are demisted.
  • Remove all snow from your windscreen that might fall into the path of other road users.

Check your lights

Make sure the road is visible and other road users can see you by ensuring your lights are in full working order. If you have discovered one of your lights isn’t working, you can replace them with compatible bulbs or have this done for you at your local garage. 

Double check your tyres

The legal minimum tread depth for tyres is 1.5 millimetres, which should be in a continuous band through the central three-quarters of the tread, throughout the whole tyre. To check the depth of your tyres, insert a 20p coin into the tyre grooves.

If you can’t see the outer band of the coin, the tyres are above the legal limit. But, if the coin is still visible, your tyres are deemed unsafe. If you are unsure, get your tyres checked by an experienced mechanic. 

Keep a winter emergency kit

Always keep an emergency winter kit in your car, no matter how short your journey may be. If your car breaks down and you’re left without heating, you’ll be glad you made sure you brought extra clothes and a warm blanket. 

Get your car serviced

Winter health checks are vital for the longevity of your car and help to avoid expensive problems later down the line. Winter is tough on cars and servicing helps to protect your car from the elements. Winter health checks generally include:

  • Thorough under-body checks
  • Tyre depths and conditions
  • Windscreen washer levels
  • Battery tests
  • Brake pad measurement
  • Lighting tests

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