How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are great for spending time with friends or going for a solo break, and they have the advantage of being completely customisable. You may want to make a road trip a spontaneous one, or you may have been planning the journey for months. Either way, there are preparations and checks you should carry out before driving to prevent unexpected issues, potential breakdowns or even accidents.

Prepare your vehicle beforehand so your perfectly planned road trip can run as smoothly as possible! Discover Horizon Honda Poole for the best small SUV models ideal for road trips with the entire family.

Maintenance checks

Before you set out on any road trip, performing maintenance checks on your car is crucial. There are simple checks you can do to reduce the risk of an unexpected issue arising when you are on the road. Ensuring the safety of yourself and your passengers during your journey should be a top priority. Some vehicle models, like the Honda CR-V, will have safety technologies such as sensory information and traffic sign recognition to keep you even safer on the road.

Prepare your vehicle beforehand by checking the following:

  • Lights - Whether your road trip is only a few hours or you are travelling through the night, you need to ensure all the exterior and interior lights are in working condition. Check your headlights, fog lights and brake lights before you leave by getting someone to check them as you switch them on. Defective lights will not only affect your visibility, but it will impact the visibility of your car to other drivers.
  • Oil and coolant - Prevent the risk of a breakdown by checking your oil levels before you leave. You should top up the oil if its level is below halfway.
  • Tyre pressure - Your tyres need to be at the recommended tyre pressure, especially if you are taking luggage or heavy supplies with you on your trip. You can face a fine for not having the correct tread depth, so check that they are above the legal limit of 1.6mm. Always take a spare tyre with you just in case.
  • Washer fluid - Make sure your washer fluid has been topped up so you can have full visibility of the roads ahead of you.

Plan your route

This is the fun part of planning a road trip. Decide what kind of trip you are looking for. Do you have a destination in mind? Do you want to take a longer route and make some stops? By planning your route you can understand the budget you will need, how long you will be driving for. You can also decide whether you will be sharing the driving between the group to reduce the need for driving for an extended period of time. Remember that any other drivers must be insured to drive that vehicle.

If you are planning on driving for long periods, taking regular breaks is essential to maintain your concentration levels. If you start to feel tired when driving, pull over or switch with someone else who is sharing the driving responsibility. The electric Honda e will give you the ultimate driving experience with the choice of two drive modes depending on your surroundings, making long journeys even easier and more stimulating.

Pack the essentials

Prepare the essentials to take with you on your next road trip. Make a list of the practical items you need to take with you, whether that’s a sat-nav, destination brochures or a first aid kid. For drivers of models including the Honda e, Honda Civic and the Honda CR-V, you have the power to see your route and get given directions easily, all from the infotainment screen system.

It is also a good idea to take any important documents with you in case of a breakdown, such as car insurance details, a breakdown recovery number and your vehicle handbook. Use your Honda electric on-screen Driver Information Interface to play your favourite music playlist - an essential for any good road trip.

Make some room

The key to the perfect road trip is being comfortable on the journey. Don’t settle for a long cramped car ride surrounded by suitcases! Before you start driving, take time to organise your vehicle so all of your passengers have legroom or some space to stretch out a little. Ensuring everyone has the room they need will keep the car ride stress-free and enjoyable. Learn about the Honda Civic with interior dimensions designed to provide ample legroom and headroom for the open atmosphere that is ideal for any road trip.

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