Introducing The All-New Honda e

The all-electric Honda e 2020 combines state of the art technology, enhanced responsiveness, and a powerful electric motor to give you an impressively reliable driving experience. With refined comfort and minimalistic design, discover how the Honda e makes driving exhilarating, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Experience the electric

The electric motor is at the forefront of the Honda e car, bringing you seamless acceleration sustainably. With this model you can switch to emission-free driving to reduce your carbon footprint and cut running costs. Improved charging ability allows for convenient and quick charging with an LED status, so you can be sure the Honda e is ready to go when you are.

The Honda Power Charger features an auto-recovery mechanism in case of a power cut and has an identification system so you are in control of who uses it. An intelligent water-cooled battery system optimises the battery’s range and lifespan by regulating the temperature – so you can enjoy stability and drive confidently, whatever the weather.

Power in your drive

The Honda e 2020 is designed to put power in your performance. Drag is minimised with a near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, giving you an enjoyable and rewarding driving experience. Featuring two drive modes, you can choose ‘normal’ for a refined drive, or opt for ‘sport’ for increased responsiveness and adjusted suspension. A single pedal controls the rear wheels, improving steering ability and controlling acceleration and regenerative braking, with adjustable braking resistance. The Honda e recovers energy from braking, putting power back into the battery to efficiently maintain maximum performance.

Sensing safety with intelligent technology

With the new Honda e, you can say goodbye to foggy exterior mirrors and hello to the ground-breaking side camera system. Giving you a larger field of view, the side cameras maintain the quality of image in all conditions, all displayed on an interior screen.

Honda Sensing notifies the driver when standstill traffic begins to move and has a Collision Mitigation Throttle Control which prevents sudden acceleration when the Honda e detects that the car in front of you has stopped. Low Speed Brake Function similarly notifies you of a potentially hazardous object that you may not have spotted and will activate emergency braking while driving at low speeds to enhance the safety of you and your passengers.

Stay comfortable, and stay connected

Boasting a simple and sleek look, the Honda e 2020 is the embodiment of modern driving. Enjoy the spacious interior for a smoother and more comfortable journey for everyone. Use the My Honda+ app on your smartphone so you can always stay connected with your car. The wide touch-screen panel put Hondas seamless and advanced technology at your fingertips, giving you a unique car design that you have never experienced before.

Stand out with the new Honda e – with emission-free driving, minimalistic design and dynamic performance to take your driving experience to the new level. Visit your local Horizon Honda Christchurch dealership or Honda Poole to enquire about the Honda e 2020 today.