How To Keep Kids Entertained on a Long Drive

‘Are we there yet?’ – a phrase that many parents will hear this summer, when many of us go on long drives across the UK and further afield in the search for rest and relaxation.

But the dreaded ‘are we there yet?’ need not put a downer on your summer getaway. There are many ways to keep children entertained in the car on long drives, and we’re not just talking I Spy With My Little Eye (although still a firm favourite). Here’s our list of 7 effective ways to keep your children occupied on long journeys.

1. Travel games

Travel games will never get old and are a great way to keep little ones entertained without an iPad. Try teaching them Connect Four or another classic game you remember from your childhood.

2. Audio books​

Audio books will not only keep your child occupied; they’ll also save you a lot of space in your luggage. Who really wants to be carrying around 300-page Harry Potter books?

Listening to an audio book over a physical copy is also a great option if your children suffer from motion sicknesses.

3. Photography 

If your kids enjoy taking pictures, buy them a cheap digital camera for the drive so that they can capture memories throughout the journey.

4. Bring snacks

An abundance of snacks is sure to keep kids occupied – until they run out at least! Try opting for healthier snacks such as fruit and carrot sticks to avoid sugar crashes. 

5. Portable DVD players

Bring along a portable DVD player or a tablet with a film downloaded and fired up. Choose the film with the children prior to setting off to avoid any squabbles during the drive.

6. Kids music

Music can keep children occupied for hours! Download a kid-friendly playlist from Spotify or download their favourite songs to a phone or iPad. If you’re travelling with two children, pack a handy headphone splitter so they can enjoy the music together.

We hope that these tips help you out on your next long drive and make the driving experience something the whole family can look forward to.

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