Looking For An Upgrade In 2022: Find Out Which Honda Car Is Right For You

With 2022 just around the corner, it might be time to start thinking about what your next car upgrade is going to be. After all, a new year is the perfect time for a new car! The only problem is which model do you go for?

At Horizon Honda we have a selection of new Honda cars available on our part-exchange and Honda finance schemes. This makes a new Honda car a great choice for your next upgrade. But with five options to choose from, which new Honda car is right for you? To help you decide we have put together a guide of all our Honda models. Read on to discover which new Honda car is perfect for your 2022 upgrade!

Honda Civic

As one of the best-selling Honda cars of all time, you can’t go too far wrong with the Honda Civic. The Honda Civic has long been one of the top hatchbacks on the market. In 2022 the all-new Honda Civic is set for a complete redesign. From the styling of the interior and exterior to the new hybrid engine, this model is going to be an all-round hatchback suitable for anyone. With the new e:HEV hybrid engine the Honda Civic is ideal for anyone looking for efficiency and performance. A pair of electric motors combine with the petrol engine to maximise torque. If you want a car to get you from A to B in style and with a smile on your face, then this new Honda car is perfect.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a practical family SUV. It is available with either five or seven-seat configurations depending on your requirements. It can include either a turbocharged or hybrid engine. The spacious interior makes it ideal for families, with lots of legroom and boot space. Another feature is operating the rear tailgate on the Honda CR-V using a hands-free gesture. This is very useful if you are in a rush or your hands are full. The smooth performance of the Honda CR-V also makes it ideal for long journeys on the road with the family!

Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is another new Honda car to feature the new e:HEV hybrid engine, which provides great performance with lower emissions than a traditional petrol engine. The Honda Jazz is compact and full of innovative safety features making it particularly suitable for those living in an urban environment. Adaptive cruise control and lane sensing help prevent collisions with other cars and the compact form factor enables you to get around busy city streets.

Honda e

If you are looking for an upgrade in 2022, it helps to pick a car that’s built for the future. The Honda e is a revolutionary electric car, packed full of cutting-edge technology. The all-new Honda e has a powerful electric motor that produces 0% emissions. If you are conscious about your environmental impact but don’t want to compromise on performance then the Honda e is an ideal solution. As-well as revolutionary technology under the bonnet, the Honda e features intelligent technology throughout the interior. A wide touchscreen panel stretches the length of the dashboard for easy access to navigation and multimedia controls.

Honda HRV

The Honda HR-V is a completely new model, aiming to fit somewhere between an SUV and a hatchback. Similarly to the Honda Civic, the Honda HR-V is the perfect all-round model. It delivers fantastic performance combined with a spacious interior. The ‘magic seats’ aim to give you maximum flexibility if you need to store lots of cargo. If you are looking for a car that is practical but great fun to drive on the road then the Honda HR-V is the perfect upgrade.

Ready to make your next upgrade to a new Honda car? From the Honda Jazz to Honda CR-V, electric models and more, we have a great selection available. Visit your local Horizon Honda Dealership to view in store and test drive your preferred model today. For more information about any of the models mentioned in this article contact one of our experts at our Honda dealerships. These are located in Christchurch, Poole, Yeovil, and Dorchester.