We believe that the HR-V gives you the best of both worlds, a responsive ride with top-preforming fuel economy.

The HR-V is a five door coupé-styled SUV that combines comfort, sleek looks and top notch fuel economy. It’s perfectly in sequence with your life.

With top–notch engine performance and fuel sipping running costs. The ECON button tweaks the HR-V’s settings to further improve fuel efficiency, getting plenty more miles for your money.

The ultimate safety with the Honda HR-V is a serious level of advanced engineering packed into the HR-V that protects you, your passengers, and other road users.

Some of the key ultimate safety features are:

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning detects the road markings. If the car strays from your current lane without indicating, the system alerts you with audible and visual warnings.

Traffic sign recognition

Traffic Sign Recognition automatically recognizes road signs and displays them via the Intelligent Multi Information Display, so you always know exactly what you’ve just passed.

City break active system

City-Brake Active System is a laser radar system that scans ahead, automatically applying the brakes if a risk of a possible collision is detected.

All around airbags

The HR-V has been fitted with airbags all round, including curtain airbags. Known as Supplemental Restraint System, the airbags offer you greatly enhanced protection while out on the road.

Ready for anything, the HR-V’s advanced technology makes for an exhilarating efficient drive.

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