The New Honda Jazz Crosstar​

Discover an innovative, stimulating and fresh Honda experience with the all new Honda Jazz Crosstar. With a seamless blend of personality and functionality, the new Honda Jazz offers a hybrid engine with a spacious yet sophisticated interior.

Honda boasts more than 20 years of experience with hybrid technology and the Honda Jazz Hybrid has been created by dedicated engineers with expert experience and training. Learn about the new and enhanced features of the new Honda Jazz Crosstar and Honda’s next generation of e:HEV Hybrid technology.

An advanced Hybrid powertrain

With a two-motor hybrid powertrain, the Honda Jazz Crosstar can deliver an effortless and smooth drive with the perfect combination of a petrol engine and electric motor. Regenerative Braking harnesses energy from braking and puts this straight back into the engine to enhance the responsive performance in the most effective way. Stay environmentally conscious with the low emissions of the Honda Jazz Crosstar, making it even more relevant in today’s driving environment. Enjoy the Honda Jazz automatic gearbox that replicates the sound of a gear change so you can get the full sensation of a direct drive.

3 driving modes, 1 car

Discover a high performing drive with the choice of 3 different modes depending on conditions – EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive - and experience the most efficient way of driving. The Honda Jazz Crosstar’s EV Drive mode enables a smooth and silent journey when travelling at low speeds, whilst Hybrid Drive makes use of both the petrol engine and electric motor for an enhanced combination of power and economy when you are accelerating.

A new standard of safety

The new Honda Jazz Crosstar boasts the familiar Honda SENSING advanced safety features to keep the driver and passengers safe. With Adaptive Cruise Control, you can maintain a safe distance from cars ahead of you and behind you whilst your Honda adjusts your speed automatically so you can focus on the road ahead. Keep lane drifting a thing of the past with Lane Keeping Assist System that will ensure your car stays in the middle of a lane and notify you when you start to drift, so you can enjoy a stress-free cruise along a motorway.

If your Honda Jazz Crosstar senses a potential hazard ahead, the smart information system will warn you, and your speed will be reduced to minimise the risk of an impact. The system has been designed to detect pedestrians and cyclists with an enhanced night-time mode, helping to keep you safe at any time of day.

SUV-inspired style, individual personality

With a deceptively spacious interior, the Honda Jazz Crosstar has even more legroom and unique Magic Seats for versatility and customisable settings. Choose between a selection of new body colours and two-tone options for the ultimate design that is unique to you. The perfect solution for those who are always on-the-go, discover the tough style with sleek integrated features that makes the Honda Jazz Crosstar simple to drive whilst accommodating to you and your lifestyle.

Visit your local Honda Christchurch or Poole dealership to enquire about Honda Jazz Crosstar offers and discover even more of the best new car deals that Horizon Honda has to offer. Drive further, and drive better with Honda’s Jazz Hybrid.