Top 5 Features Of The Hybrid Honda HR-V

Since its release in late 2021, the Honda HR-V has been one of the most popular models featured across our Horizon Honda dealerships. With many people starting to understand the benefits of hybrid cars, the new Honda HR-V has been in high demand. The hybrid engine is just one of the many new features that has made this car such an exciting addition to the Honda range. If you are in the market for a new hybrid car, then the Honda HR-V is the perfect option. We have put together a list of the top 5 features of this groundbreaking hybrid Honda. Read on to find out more.

Self-charging hybrid engine

Hybrid cars are now more popular than ever before. At our Honda dealerships, we now offer the Honda Jazz Hybrid and the Honda CR-V Hybrid. The new Honda HR-V features the latest hybrid engine designed by Honda. Powered by Honda e:HEV technology this 1.5-litre petrol engine is combined with an electric motor for maximum efficiency.

One of the main benefits of hybrid cars made by Honda is the self-charging battery. As you drive, the Honda HR-V will generate power that it will use to self-charge. This not only saves you the inconvenience of stopping at a charging station but keeps you on the road longer. On average the new Honda HR-V will go 460 miles on a single fuel tank. The biggest benefit of hybrid cars is the reduced environmental impact. Hybrid cars like the honda HR-V produce fewer pollutants and emissions, which lowers your overall carbon footprint. All of our new Honda cars offered at our Honda dealerships come with a 5 year or 90,000 mile guarantee to give you that peace of mind.

Spacious interior

In a car that takes you further, you want to be comfortable and relaxed. The new Honda HR-V has a completely redesigned interior that focuses on creating a spacious and flexible everyday experience. A key feature to the Honda HR-V interior is the addition of ‘Magic Seats’. These seats can fold to create more space for your luggage, creating a flexible interior that works around your lifestyle. This spacious interior also features the new air diffusion system which creates fresh air flow around you and your passengers.

Modern connectivity

Connect your smartphone to the new Honda HR-V using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. All your apps, navigation and multi-media is displayed on the 9’ touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard. To keep your passengers entertained the HR-V works as a Wi-Fi hotspot so everyone in the car can stay connected. For added features like the digital key and car locator, connect your Honda HR-V to the My Honda+ app.

Contemporary design

To go along with the many benefits of hybrid cars, the Honda HR-V needs to look like a car that is fit for the future. The design for the HR-V has been completely reimagined from the ground up, the result? A stylish and contemporary aesthetic. Customise the HR-V to your liking by choosing from a variety of colour options that are available at one of our Honda dealerships.

State-of-the-art driver assists

The new Honda HR-V features a range of useful safety and driver assist features to keep you in control. Front and rear parking sensors along with cameras give you maximum visibility when manoeuvring into a space. When it starts to rain the Honda HR-V will automatically switch on the wipers so you can keep your focus on the road.

Are you looking to upgrade to a cutting edge hybrid car? If you're interested in the new Honda HR-V, get in contact with a member of our team to find out more. To book a test drive or for more information on our range of new and used Honda cars then visit one of our Honda dealerships in Christchurch, Poole, Yeovil, or Dorchester.