A formula for the future.

Honda Hybrids deliver responsive performance, excellent economy with much lower emissions.

CRV Hybrid


Our new hybrid SUV has an intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) system that combines a 2.0 i-VTEC petrol engine with powerful electric motors to give a responsive, smooth and efficient drive.

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crv hybrid


The dynamic, advanced Jazz and the active lifestyle Jazz Crosstar. Delivering on our electrification promise, they are equipped with a two-motor hybrid powertrain for a responsive, smooth and efficient drive.

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An all-new range that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality with an advanced e:HEV hybrid powertrain and a deceptively, super-spacious interior.


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Honda Hybrid performance.

The Honda i-MMD Hybrid powertrain delivers a strong immediate response through two electric motors; it’s an exhilarating drive. But it’s not all about that electronic torque, because our hybrid vehicles give you the best of both worlds. This type of intelligent drive technology will automatically switch seamlessly between electric power at lower speeds and petrol-power at higher cruising speeds, when it’s most efficient to do so.

Smooth and quiet

The experience of driving a Honda Hybrid is unique – there’s nothing quite like the calm and serene feeling of gently pulling away in the electric mode. Then, when the petrol engine comes to life, the transition is so quiet and smooth, you’ll wonder if the engine has actually started.

No need to plug in

The great thing about the Hybrid is that you don’t need to look for a charging station or have a special plug socket installed at home. The engine will continually charge the battery while it’s running – all you have to do is fill up with petrol as you normally would. It really is that simple.

Going lower

A Hybrid will cut your fuel bills, saving you money. Using less fuel also means low emissions – much better for your wallet and the environment.

Peace of mind

You’ll have no worries for five years or over a distance of 100,000km – whichever comes first – because the Honda i-MMD battery is totally covered by an extensive and comprehensive warranty; we’ll be with you all the way.


It thinks for itself.

Side view close-up of intelligent Multi Mode Drive system.

The i-MMD (intelligent Multi Mode Drive) system determines how to use fuel and electrical energy in the most efficient way, which means there’s no requirement for the driver to adjust between the three driving modes; Electric Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.

How Hybrid works in Electric Drive

In Electric Drive, the propulsion motor draws its power solely from the batteries, delivering super-quiet and low-emissions driving.

How Hybrid Drive works

In Hybrid Drive, the petrol engine supplies power to the electric generator motor, which in turn delivers power to the electric propulsion motor, so that any excess power from the petrol engine is diverted back through the generator motor to recharge the batteries.

How Hybrid works in Engine Drive

In Engine Drive, the wheels driven by the petrol engine, with an ‘on-demand’ peak-power ‘boost’ available from the electric motor when you need to make a quick overtaking manoeuvre.


Hybrid Performance

How does i-MMD work?

Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive is a hybrid system that combines a petrol engine, two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery. Depending on the prevailing conditions, it automatically selects and shifts between three driving modes to ensure optimum performance and efficiency are maintained at all times.

What are the three driving modes?

Engine Drive, Hybrid Drive and Electric Drive:

  • Engine Drive is when the petrol engine is powering the car – such as during sustained high-speed motoring.
  • Hybrid Drive means the petrol engine and electric motor are sharing the work – for example, when accelerating at speed.
  • Electric Drive is when the car is running 100% on silent electric power. This will usually be when accelerating from standstill or low speed cruising.

What happens when I need to overtake?

For quick acceleration, the petrol engine and electric motors are both used to propel the vehicle (Hybrid Drive), minimising the slight delay you experience in a conventional car. If the mood takes you, the ‘Sport’ mode, activated via the drive selector, enables a more responsive throttle input.

When does the car use Electric Drive?

For initial acceleration from stand-still, and at low speeds, the silent electric motor uses power from the battery. A pure electric range of 2km is possible depending on conditions, such as payload, traffic and the type of road. When a top-up of power is required, the generator will begin to recharge the battery. This is all done seamlessly without the need for driver intervention.

What is regenerative braking?

Regenerative braking converts otherwise wasted energy from braking into electricity and stores it in the battery. The electric motor is reversed so that instead of using electricity to turn the wheels, the rotating wheels turn the motor to create electricity.

Hybrid Benefits

What is it like to drive a hybrid?

Much like a regular car – so there's nothing daunting about it –but with enhanced responsiveness, smoothness and efficiency. It glides between modes with Honda Hybrid Performance giving the i-MMD system real feeling for the driver to enjoy.

What are the benefits of owning a hybrid?

Efficiency and economy. Driving a hybrid means consuming less fuel than a conventional car. Consuming less fuel means fewer visits to the service station, which means lower petrol running costs for you and using less fuel means lower emissions – which is good for everyone.

Powering an i-MMD Hybrid

How do I charge the battery?

Relax, you don’t have to do anything. The daily act of driving charges the battery with the flow of energy regulated automatically. No plugging-in, no searching for a charging point. It is simplicity itself.

How does the petrol engine charge the battery?

The engine provides power through the generator motor to charge the battery. The battery charge level is constantly monitored and recharging begins automatically. A gauge on the dashboard indicates the condition of the battery and next to it a 7" LCD Driver Information Interface tells you, at a glance, what the i-MMD system is doing.

How long will a hybrid last?

We have two decades' experience of hybrid powertrains and guarantee the i-MMD components for 5 years or over a distance of 100,000km – whichever comes first.