We like things out in the open. Like our prices. When it comes to repairs for your car, there is a fixed price.*

No matter how old your car is, regardless of complications, and always including labour, genuine Honda car parts and VAT – our prices are fixed.

Here’s our repairs pricelist, so you know what you should and will be charged when you come in to see our Honda-trained technicians to get a bit of work done.

Let the experts take care of your Honda with Honda Fixed Price Repairs fitted by our fully trained technicians.

Front brake pads (Exc Civic Type R Turbo) £125Brake fluid change £65
Rear brake pads £125CVT fluid change £85
Front brake pads and discs (Exc Civic Type R Turbo) £299Air con service (up to 2016) £65
Rear brake pads and discs £299Manual gearbox oil £85
Front brake pads (Civic Type R turbo) £205/£245Automatic transmission fluid £85
Front brake pads and discs (Civic Type R Turbo) £415/£615Clutch fluid £35
Battery £115Transfer box oil £85
2 Front wiper blades £32Differential oil £85
1 Rear wiper blade £18Petrol fuel filter (P1 external) £75
1 Pollen filter £48Petrol fuel filter (P2 internal) £160
Air filter £50Timing belt £240
Front Drop links (each) £128Auxiliary belt £93
Spark plugs Iridium £180 (set of four)Front wheel bearing £265
Spark plugs Iridium £320 (set of eight)Rear wheel bearing £265
Spark plugs steel £90 (set of four)Clutch Kit (inc release bearing) £765
Spark plugs steel £140 (set of eight)Front wheel alignment £35
Coolant change £85Four wheel alignment £70

Important information* Excludes Honda NSX. Price includes car parts, labour and VAT. Prices subject to change without prior notice. Extra charges may be incurred if parts are seized or broken.